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Peace Campaign

A Benefit Concert for UNHCR in Myanmar

7pm, June 17th, 2022 

The mission of the concert is to raise awareness about Myanmar refugee issues and call for sustained funding.



Ah Moon: One of Myanmar’s Most Recognized Artists, Forbes Annual ‘30 Under 30 Asia.’

Peter Winograd: Manhattan School of Music Faculty, Principal Violinist of American String Quartet

Paolo Marchettini: Manhattan School of Music Faculty, Prizewinner of Queen Elisabeth Competition

Abstract Paint

Why Us?

Support Asian artists.

Bring exciting cultural experiences to international audience.

In face of US-China trade war and media battles,
Asian Hate, Ukraine-Russia War, and so many
other bitter conflicts sweeping rampantly across
the world, cross cultural communication and
understanding are in unprecedented and urgent

However, unlike many other organizations, our
solution is citizen diplomacy that brings people
together in an intimate, personable and artistic
fashion, one event at a time.

We believe in the "soft power" through the arts to
nurture more empathy, joy and ultimately, love,
one person at a time, one event at a time.

All-Nations Tea & Music Festival

7 pm, October 21st, 2022 

Featured beautifully enthralling theatre, dance, classical and folk music, and interactive and fun tea presentations to facilitate cultural exchanges through the powerful language of tea.


Chinese Consulate General in New York: Ms. Wei Wei

Associate Provost and Executive Director Columbia University International Students and Scholars Office: Dr. David B. Austell


Columbia University Deputy Director of the Center on Chinese Education:

Dr. Henan Cheng

Membership Benefits

VIP tickets, job opportunities, networking with professionals, masterclasses, workshops and more!

Job Opportunities 

Impact for Society

Estimated to create 100+ jobs for Asian Artists
Fertilizing cross-cultural understanding, bring Peace & Love to humanity.


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Our Impact In Words

"Very well-done. Thanks for all the presenters for putting such a wonderful event together and the passion!"
"Everything was fantastic, thank you!!!"
"This was great, thank you! Keep doing stuff like this please! :)"
No upcoming events at the moment

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